Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello Everyone!!!

So I've been at Camosun College in Victoria for almost a month and a half now, and with my new wife of almost two months. It is nightmarish. Not the wife! Haha. The school part. The bridge to UVic truly is two years of math and science compacted into six months. The homework is constant... and by that I mean two hours of homework every night. And forget about weekends. Those are reserved for assignments and studying. Forget about work, or a life.

My wife makes it bearable and worth the effort! Lorna jy is die lief van my lewe en my rots. We just recently went to Seattle with some friends from Kelowna. I like Seattle. Though everytime I think about planning the next trip there I realise how little of Victoria I've seen and should go see. Anything people would recommend for a broke student to go check out in Victoria?

I am taking all my notes on OneNote and once this first semester is done I'll have a week off after exams before the next set of tortures in which I'll fix and format the notes and post them for everyone to see who might be interested in taking the bridge. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would like to see.


PS - Since moving here and having to budget more. I've lost 15lbs, meaning I'm down to 195 lbs. Just shows diet has more to do with it than exercise.


Phil Ashman said...

Engineering is a grind still and many of the courses haven't changed since I took it. From what I hear most students begin to appreciate the classes they had at the college very quickly!!..;)

Phil Ashman said...

Oh....another thing I was going to mention....

Glad to see you are using OneNote! I've been using the product for about 4 years love the product. In fact I'm going to be pointing the students to this article day one this year:

Note taking with OneNote

Rudolf said...

Definitely agree with your first comment. We were talking last week about how, at OC we felt really busy some weeks, and how those days are nothing compared to even our most relaxed days now.

Rudolf said...

Oh and I agree OneNote is amazing for notes. Though I do very often find myself switching to paper, especially in my math classes, when there are too many subscripts or special characters I can't go looking for.

I know its going to be a great recourse for others to use when I'm done. The on-line sync is also cool but sometimes it can go out of sync and glitches once there is a conflict it can't handle; causing me to have to search for the hidden onenote file on my computer, saving it and then deleting the on-line version. Also the on-line view of the note isn't capable of showing everything in the note.