Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cirque du Soleil - Saltimbanco

Cirque du Soleil EFFING ROCKS@!!
First time in Kelowna.. and it was Packed. Not only was the show absolutely amazing, but my girl got picked to participate. It was so funny. There is one skit where a guy makes noises with his mouth like opening a door, banging a wall. And he pretends to open up a closet door and stuff falls out..

Well one of the things he picks up is a tennis ball.. and he bounces the ball a few times, 'pop , pop', and then a light pics out a guy in the crowd and he throws the pretend ball, 'ugh.. thunk', guy catches it and throws it back. I turn to my GF and say ' good thing they didn't pick me'... and then all of a sudden the light blinds me and I see the light is actually on LORNA!!!

Of course Lorna is like "you fucking jingst me". So the guy throws the ball at Lorna and she catches it, then throws it back at the guy but he makes noises so it sounds like Lorna threw it short, 'like a girl'. Everyone laughed. After words leaving everyone was stopping her and commenting on how she did.. She was absolutely mortified, and she still blames me.

I blame the dress she wore.. A guy working there said she must have caught someone's eye because they pic the girl before the show starts. I would pick her too ;)

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